Havells fans new ad fouls the air: Withdraw it!


Read the reactions to the new, disgusting Havells Fans' television commercial (featured below) on social media, compiled by Vinay Shende. Go ahead and read. But first file a complaint against the advertisement with the Advertising Standards Council of India as directed in the first update - Round Table India

Vinay Shende

Appealing to all Bahujans to file online complaint against the latest Havell's ad. I have done so already. I mentioned that this is against the Directives of the Constitution (Sec 16). We cannot have Anti-Constitutional ads going on and they need to be opposed. If anyone is unable to do it, do get in touch with me.
A few things that are being shown incorrectly in the Television commercial are:

1. Availing Reservations is a crime/favour;
2. People wearing Blue Bandanas (indicating Ambedkarites) indulge in violence/protests;
3. People in Blue Burn Books. It would have been better if the Burnt book was shown as the Manusmriti.
It is also implying that people should not avail Reservation.

Apart from online methods, there are other ways to complain (check the screenshot below). Let's flood them in all forms. Jai Bhim.

lodge complaint with asci

The link is as follows:
The link for the ad is:

 Vaibhav Wasnik

The way the higher castes use their control over Indian media to create narratives is something. I mean, look at this innocent sounding ad. Now, Indian reservation system is about giving representation to 85 percent of the population in the white collared jobs of the country, where their representation is miniscule, with majority of the jobs being controlled by the 15 percent higher castes, who even control the industries and all the other arms of the economic establishment.

Now what is this ad suggesting? So a father will tell his daughter to apply in a reserved category, which the daughter rejects. And that is supposed to be a social change according to the higher castes. But let us dissect the picture a little bit. So the cream of the country is all eaten up by the higher castes and the back breaking work is done by the lower castes. In order to get a position in white collared jobs one has to be injected with the steroids of great coaching classes, better education, better support at home etc, which is a monopoly of higher castes again. So this ad says that social change is when lower castes do not take up positions of economic prosperity available to them but essentially let these positions be vacant and let the higher castes occupy thwm, because even if one can find a few lower castes who even had the benefit of proper education when competing against an overwhelmingly larger number of higher castes with the same education, the possibility of ending up with positions anyway decreases.

So this is supposed to be an ideal daughter, who does not want to get to the pinnacle of economic position according to this ad. But then what about the owner of this Havells company? I mean his son will surely be made owner of the company in the future, that too without regard for having any talent or not. Somehow that quota is all cool. I mean his son will be sent to the best schools in the world, plainly because his father will be able to finance his education well. That financial quota is all cool. I mean we have a perfect example in the Ambanis today, who if they were born in lower castes would be selling tea just like their puppet Modi.

Next, these fans are sold to lower castes themselves, because finally lower castes don't have any companies themselves. So this is the slavery. The companies that supposedly sell the products to lower castes also sell them narratives that make sure that they remain in positions of economic servitude and never challenge dominance of higher castes in the economic sphere. That is the level of slavery we are talking about.

The immediate way to fight such a slavery is to ban such casteist ads. So please file a complaint here

Ankit Goti B Gautam

Dear Havells India,
Thanks for shaming the SC/ST/OBC citizens of India by shaming them in the name of the reservation policy. Representation through reservation is their Fundamental Right as enshrined in the Constitution.
Aap pankhe nahin aap tuchiye hain!
Sensible People.
PS: next time consult some sensible person before attempting to become flag bearers of "winds of change"

Shashwat Vikram

Winds of change are actually farts of change.

Pinak Banik

 Just filed a complaint here against this anti-constitutional, anti dalitbahujanadivasi, anti Ambedkarite TV commercial of Havells Fan. Please follow the links below to file your complaint.

Neha Singh

The code for self-regulation in Advertising:

In the complaint write that the advertisment violates point 1(b) of Chapter 3 that is "1. No advertisement shall be permitted which: b) Derides any race, caste, colour, creed, gender or nationality"


 Amol Thore

Can you imagine the creative leap a despot dimwit takes to connect a fan sale with reservations?

"Apni hawa me hun pala, apne dum par hun khada", is it?

And whose toil has been paying for the torpor of electricity all these two thousand years?

The way this Havells' ad associates students seeking reservations with corrupt misuse of government property for personal use reminds me of an old government consumer awareness ad which showed a local baniya adulterating food items- mixing sand with grains, dung with spices etc

In its completely suspended sensibility, though It comes nowhere near the real experiences of the category folks who face this trope in and out as they navigate the thick uppercaste marshy quicksands of educational and work institutions, it sure is quite an example of how self-centred upper-castery has been twisting the tales of their own malevolent self-interests as moral high grounds.


 how the girl and her father, their marginalized body language, the black thread around her neck, their poverished dressing against the chic dressed girl behind, is objectifying and reducing. Indeed a creative execution excellence.

how the progressive discourse of burning the regressive manusmriti is distorted by showing the salvaged half burnt book as 'spirit of free'.

Notice the level of hard-heartry and mean spirit of the Brahmin/ baniya to scapegoat a poor family who is the worst victim of their own oppression just to sell their bad-hawa

There is no doubt that this ad is entirely against the basic tenets of the Indian Constitution, personally and culturally inflected and fundamentally flawed but the tacit approval of systemic authorities is what is provoking this systematic degradation of societal values

This has profound impact on students and working population on both sides, in extolling the deception of the privileged castes and mounting the debilitation for the marginalized.

So, no matter what course the authorities take, this example of implausible affronting and humiliation, that seriously impedes the process of self actualization of out-of-favor communities and they realizing their full potential, needs to be used as a device for public awareness on how the regressive brahmin/ savarna fox masquerades as noble high preacher

Satyendra Satyarthi

आपके घर में ही #‎सांप‬‬ पैदा किये जाएंगे !

 न विश्वाश होतो ये advertisement देख लीजिए थक हार कर #‎मेरिट_वाली‬‬#‎उच्च_कुलीन‬‬ और #‎उच्च_बौद्धिक‬‬ स्तर वाली समुदायों जो खुद फिरंगी है आपके घरों में सांप पैदा करने के लिए ऐसे वीडियो बना रहे !

 खोजिए आपके अगल बगल सांप होंगे जो आपको कभी भी डस लेंगे ! (मंडल मंडल का खेल )

 मजाक मजाक में आग लगाते है !

 इस लिंक पे दो मिनट दीजिये और हैवेल्स फैन के देशविरोधी विज्ञापन के खिलाफ अपना प्रतिरोध दर्ज कराइये, आरक्षण राष्ट्र निर्माण का कार्यक्रम है और देश को मजबूत करने वाले ऐसे कानून के खिलाफ लोगो को भड़काने वाले किसी भी कदम का विरोध होना ही चाहिए,

 वो लोग खासकर जो आरक्षण के जरिये नौकरी पाकर देश को मजबूत बना रहे है, इस लिंक पर अपना विरोध जता कर मनुवादी षड्यंत्र को नाकाम करें–

Dilip C Mandal

Havells पंखे का एक आरक्षण विरोधी विज्ञापन आया है.कहा गया है कि नई पीढ़ी को सीढ़ी नहीं चाहिए. यह समाज में नफरत फैलाने वाला संविधान विरोधी विज्ञापन है.

राष्ट्र निर्माण के कार्यक्रम आरक्षण को 'सीढ़ी' बताना बेहद आपत्तिजनक है. कंपनी को यह विज्ञापन वापस लेना चाहिए.
इस फोटो में ये कीमत राय गुप्ता और अनिल गुप्ता हैं. Havells के मालिकान. पापा का बिजनेस कीमत राय को मिला. कीमत राय ने अपना बिजनेस बेटे अनिल को दिया. हैवल्स के बोर्ड में अनिल के बहनोई सुरजीत गुप्ता और भतीजा अमित भी हैं. अगली जेनरेशन लाइन में है.

 गुप्ताजी, वंशवाद की जिन सीढ़ियों पर चढ़कर आप लोग आसमान पर चढ़ जाते हैं, उन्हें हटाइए. देश को ज्ञान तो कोई भी दे सकता है.

 जिनका जन्म ही उनका मेरिट है, उनके उपदेश का कोई क्या करे.

 पापा की सीढ़ी पर चढ़कर ज्ञान देते हुए आप जोकर लगते हैं.


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