May we tell our children that they can’t be stopped

Pranjali Kureel

pranjali kureelMay we tell our children about our history,

our family histories

that our ancestors were treated worse than animals

were denied basic dignity

and that it still hasn’t changed much.

May we tell our children that the histories they read in school

are conveniently manipulated and distorted to extend the propaganda of those in power

tell them that Gandhi was not a Mahatma after all. And many others like him

and let them read Ambedkar and Phule and Periyar.

May we tell our children to not hide their identity but to take pride in it

may we tell them that reservation is their right and

no one has the right to make them think they don't belong where they are.  

May we tell our children that the world won't be fair to them,

but they have the power to change it

May we tell them that we need revolution and that we do not need to take up arms

but books, that we need to learn and unlearn

and most importantly, question.

May we tell our children that the shame imposed on our last names that

keeps weighing us down is a ploy

because the moment we realize

that our last names carry nothing but

the strength and power to rise,

it becomes impossible to stop us.

May we tell our children that they can’t be stopped,

that we can’t be stopped as long as we are all together and united.

May we never stop. And we will never stop.



Pranjali Kureel is a student, currently pursuing MA in Social work (Dalit and Tribal studies and Action) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.



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