Open Letter to casteist Telangana MLA Dharma Reddy from a Swaero

Vara Lakshmi Swaero

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Mr. Challa Dharma Reddy, Honorable MLA, Parkal, Telangana,

Re: Rebutting your recent public statement on 'upper castes' not securing jobs while "others" without merit were getting positions through reservations

Dear Sir,

As a citizen of India and a resident of Telangana, I am writing to express my extreme opposition to your recent remarks aimed at humiliating the marginalized communities.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that, the word "others" that you refer to in your speech is the word coined by the so-called upper castes, who are not willing to treat humans as humans. Further, to justify the false inhuman hierarchy "you" people have written the book called Manusmruti and I am sure you are aware of the status of it.

On the other hand, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar who hails from my community ("others" in your opinion) is the creator of the Indian Constitution, under which you are appointed as an MLA through being elected by "others''. Besides that, the Indian Constitution remains one of the best constitutions in the world. Moreover, India has been abiding by it to rule the nation. I sincerely request you to re-think the word "Merit" that you have mentioned in the same statement. 

I would like to conclude the above argument by emphasizing the importance of the Indian Constitution written by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, who represents my community.

Secondly, if you consider yourself (your community - "Upper Castes") as meritorious I wonder how come you have failed to achieve equality in Indian society even after ruling for several years. Saying this, I would not want to step back to voice out that: Yes! "you" are the "meritorious" who always want to justify historical injustice to maintain hierarchy by treating "others" as inhuman. Being decision-makers (or making sure "you" are a part of decision-makers, legally or illegally) "you" take up initiatives at your convenience in order to make us abandoned laborers.

Thirdly, you said that "upper castes" are not securing jobs while "others" without merit were getting positions through reservations and ruining the state. We sincerely request you to let us know the leaders who hail from your community, who have contributed to the betterment of the state utilizing their power. It is a great shame to have an MLA in the 21st century who speaks from no grounds.

In fact, you come from a community that tends to maintain different patterns of exclusion for your own benefits. History speaks to us out loud: who owns resources and who are denied, savagely.

Above all, this is clearly a case that demonstrates "your" insecurities about us becoming the future leaders and ruling "you" all. I am pretty sure everyone who hails from my community would resonate with me on this.

I look forward to your response.

Vara Lakshmi Swaero,
B.Sc & M.A,



Vara Lakshmi Swaero is a student from TSWREIS (Telangana Social Welfare Residential Education Institutions) and a postgraduate from Azim Premji University, Bangalore.


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