Three-day Bharat Nirman Campaign concludes

Imphal :Curtains came down today on the three-day Bharat Nirman Campaign, organized by Press Information Bureau, Imphal, together with sister organizations at Loyalakpa Laibung, Keinou, Bishnupur District.

Pradhan of Keinou Gram Panchayat, Ch Angousana and Retd ZEO, A Thoiba were the chief guest and the president of the function respectively.

Speaking at the concluding function, Pradhan Angousana said, he convened a meeting of Gram Sabha on September 10 but no Government officials turned up.

Yet he prepared the list of demands to be put before the DC.

The demands were read out at the function, which were mostly for construction of culverts, repairing of roads and construction of public latrines in different areas under the jurisdiction of Keinou Gram Panchat.

He said, "11 houses had been constructed in Keinou areas under the Indira Awas Yojna scheme, 11 more persons are also being recommended.

One widow had also received a house constructed under the scheme" .

In his presidential speech, A Thoiba stressed the importance of the campaign as it exposed the communication gap between the beneficiaries and the implementing agencies.

He lauded the experts, who rendered important speeches that will go a long way in making common masses realize what the Government has in store for them.

Certificates were given to the winners of the painting competition which was conducted as a part of the Bharat Nirman campaign.

Those who opened stalls at the campus were also given certificates.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Smt.Premlata Loitam MCO, PIB Imphal.

She lauded all those who spoke on different topics, those who opened stalls.

On the concluding day four topics were taken up for discussion.

Shri O Nimai, APO, DRDO, Bsihmupur spoke on Rural Housing (IAY), Shri S Priyokumar SDE BSNL Bishnupur on Rural Telephony, M.Meghachandra District Project Officer SSA, Bishnupur on Sharva Shiksha Abhiyan and H.Rajendra District Sericulture Officer on sericulture.

Shri Nimai said, "housing is the basic requirement for human survival.

Owning a house brings about a profound social change in his existence, endowing him with an identity thus integrating him with an identity.It is for this reason a village housing committee was launched as a part of the community development in 1957. Indira Awas Yojna, which existed as a component of Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was delinked from JRY" .

"Having existed as separate independent scheme IAY a centrally sponsored scheme has given benefits to different sections of the society.

Those families belonging to BPL have been given financial aid for construction of houses.

When the list of beneficiaries is framed priority is given to SC/ST, physically challenged and mentally challenged, widows and spinsters.

The victims of riots and victims of paramilitary forces action are also picked up on priority basis in framing the list of beneficiaries," he said.

"A beneficiary is entitled to receive Rs 45,000 for construction of a house and for renovation of a house Rs 15,000 is given.

No contractor can be hired in the construction of a beneficiary's house.

A house constructed with the financial aid under IAY scheme will also be entitled to have sanitary latrine constructed under total sanitation programme and free electricity connection under Rajiv Gandhi Vidyut Yojna, " he informed the gathering.

Dwelling on the preparation of beneficiaries list for Bishnupur Distt he said, "the list contains the names of wealthy persons, which needs to be studied again." He appealed to the Gram Sabhas to include the names of only the genuine sufferers.

A local man pointed out that a particular village has not been getting this benefit for the last 12 years.

The villages that do not get the benefits under the scheme are Kabui Ayokpa, Khoijuman and Kwaksiphai in Bishnupur District, according to the local man, who drew the attention of the official concerned to look into the matter.

The complaint exposed that there is no approved mechanism to detect whether the fund allotted goes directly to the beneficiaries.

"Under the new scheme launched under IAY a beneficiary will get fund for construction of a house in the form cheque, that will check involvement of a third party" .

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