Haryana govt sanctions Rs 192 cr for education

Chandigarh: The Haryana government has earmarked a sum of Rs 192.18 crore for various educational schemes—launched for the students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes-A and families living below poverty line—during the current financial year.

The Haryana education minister Geeta Bhukkal said under the cash award scheme, one-time cash amount was given to all SC students in Classes 1 to VIII for the purchase of school bags, uniform and stationary articles.

One-time payment of Rs 740 is made to each SC student in class I; Rs 750 in class II; Rs 960 in class III; Rs 970 in class IV; Rs 980 in class-V; and Rs 1,250 in classes VI to VIII.

More than 7.64 lakh students benefited from the scheme last year. A case was made and the finance department has agreed to increase the ceiling of the scheme to Rs 76.98 crore, the minister said. Similarly, under the cash award scheme, one-time allowance of Rs 1,450 is given to each SC student in classes 1X to XII for the purchase of uniform, stationery, school bag, dictionary and other articles. More than 2.15 lakh students benefited from the scheme last year for which a provision of Rs 5 lakh has been made for 2010.11. The finance department has accorded sanction of Rs 21.85 crore under the scheme, Bhukkal said.

Besides, scholarships ranging from Rs 75 to Rs 400 are given to all BPL and BC-A students studying in class I to XII. Monthly stipend of Rs 100 and Rs 150 is also given on quarterly basis to SC students studying in classes 1 to V. Similarly, Rs 150 and Rs 200 per month is given to students studying in classes VI to VIII. A provision of Rs 134.17 crore has been made for 2010-11 under this scheme.


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