State level Dnyanpith Exam results declared

Ravindra Pohekar and Kavita Chavan stood first, Vilas Bisen and Dhanashri Jain Second

Mumbai: Satyashodhak Degree Examination Committee of Satyashodhak Chhatrapati Dhnyanpith had conducted the state level Satyashodhak Pradnyaj Exam and Krantijyoti Sanvidhan Exam across the state (Maharashtra) on 18 Dec 2011. The results of these examinations were recently declared. In the merit list of Krantijyoti Sanvidhan Exam, Ravindra Pohekar (Dhakulgaon, Dist. Jalgaon) stood first and Vilas Bisen of Changtola (Dist. Gondia) and Yamini Bhangale of Badalapur (Dist. Thane) stood second and third respectively. In Satyashodhak Pradnyaj Exam, Kavita Chavan from Islampur (Dist. Sangli) has won the first prize and Dhanashri Jain from Kalamsare of Jalgaon District bagged second prize while Kajal Reshwal of Aurangabad has won third prize. This information was made available, through a press statement released by Hon. Kishor Gajbhiye (Rtd. IAS), President of Satyashodhak Degree Examination Committee. Dnyanpit is going to arrange a special programme for distributing cash prizes worth Rs. Rs 25000 to these toppers among other 100 achievers whose names have been appeared in state level merit list.


In the first row from left: Kavita Chavan – First rank in state in Pradnyaj Exam; Dhanashri Jain- Second rank in state in Pradnyaj Exam; Kajal Reshwal –Third rank in state in Pradnyaj Exam

In the second row from left: Ravindra Pohekar – First rank in state in Krantijyoti Sanvidhan Exam; Vilas Bisen- Second rank in state in Krantijyoti Sanvidhan Exam; Yamini Bhangale –Third rank in state in Krantijyoti Sanvidhan Exam

In the third row from left: Shubhada Mali– Consolation prize in Pradnyaj Exam; Shahibaj Khatik - Consolation prize in Sanvidhan Exam; Nalini Gajbhiye – Consolation prize in Sanvidhan Exam


Around 3000 examinees had appeared for Satyashodhak Pradnyaj Exam and around 2000 examinee for Krantijyoti Sanvidhan Exam. This project was executed in around 30 districts; both these exams were carried out in around 150 centers.

The merit list of Pradnaj Exam includes Chandrabhaga Gaddamwad (Nanded), Shilvant Mali (Satara), Yogesh Khaire (Pune), Nikhil Randive (Osmanabad), Pradeep Madhavi (Gadchiroli), Rupali Pagare (Nashik) and Amol Dube (Nagpur) etc. Sanvidhan Exam Merit list includes Nalini Gajbhiye (Bhandara), Godavari Rajput (Buldhana), Ajay Kurne (Kolhapur), Ravindra Thorat (Dhule), Shivaji More (Aurangabad), Kishor Jadhav (Mumbai), Madhav Ankalage (Ratnagiri) and Pradeep Pujari (Latur) etc.

Next round of new exams will be conducted in October 2012. Biographies of Jijai, Ramai and Ahilyamai and Complete Epic of Jyotirao-Savitri Phule are two books as a syllabus for Satyashodhak Kranti-Nayika and Satyashodhak Krantijyoti Exam respectively. A person belonging to any age group and with any educational background can appear for these exams without any bar on caste or religion. The examinee studying in their primary or secondary schools are brought in level to seniors by a grace of 10 and 5 marks respectively.

The examinees appearing in the merit list of 100 are honoured with prizes of thousands rupees each. Each exam has its own plan of prizes. State level first rank fetches a prize of Rs. 5000/- and second and third rank fetch the prizes of 3000/- and 2000/- respectively. Apart from these, there are other prizes in hundreds of rupees. The exam comprises of 100 marks and every successful person is awarded with an attractive certificate. Both the booklets provided for these exams have coloured covers and can be kept in our compilation.

Those interested in appearing for these exams can send a Money Order of Rs 140/-comprising of the contributory price of Rs 100/- for reference book and Rs 40/- as exam fees for each exam to the following address. If an examinee is appearing for both of these exams then he can send a money-order of Rs 280/ to: Satyashodhak Chhatrapati Dhnyanpith, Head Office, Smt. Shobhatai Shrawan Deore, 201, Sparsh Heights, Dream City Road, near Fame Cinemas Signal, Pune Road, Nashik. PIN 422 011.

On passing each exam, one is entitled for an attractive certificate. On passing three exams, one is entitled for receiving the Satyashodhak Degree. On passing five exams, one is entitled for receiving the Satyabodhi Degree and on passing ten exams, one is entitled for the Satyashodhak Prabuddha Degree.

For Information Brochure, call or SMS on 94 22 78 85 46 or 81 49 63 29 15 or send an email to the email address of the Institute: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Chief of the centre who conducts the examinations is awarded an honorarium.


Kishor Gajbhiye, IAS (Rtd.)


Satyashodhak Degree Examination Committee

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