Caste and the Indian Political Economy

Lamakaan Night School on

'Caste and the Indian Political Economy'

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th Aug,

7:00 - 9: 30 PM

By Dr. Anand Teltumbde


How has the caste system and the Dalit movement evolved over the different phases of the Indian economy? What is the emancipatory vision of Dalit politics and how will it transform the Indian economy? The workshop will go beyond usual media rhetoric of Dalit politics to a more informed analysis of the Dalit movement, and its connections to a changing political economy. The workshop will discuss contemporary examples that highlight strategies and tactics of the movement towards annihilation of castes and the emancipation of Dalits.

Anand Teltumbde is a scholar-activist associated with peoples' movement for more than three decades. Dr. Teltumbde has been one of India's most consistent commentators on the Dalit and Communist movements having written in almost all the leading Indian newspapers. He has authored over a dozen books, and currently writes the Margin Speak column in EPW. When he is not writing and on fact finding trips, Dr. Teltumbde has been a CEO of a Mumbai based oil and natural gas company and now teaches at IIT, Kharagpur. His most recent book is Khairlanji: A Strange and Bitter Fruit.


The event is Open to all. And Entry is Free.

Venue: Lamakaan, Lane next to C-Bay bldg, Opposite GVK Mall, Road no.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 33 Ph:9642731329. Bus route no.:222, 222A

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