Non-Implementation of Reservation policy in University of Hyderabad: A Report


Report on Non-Implementation of Reservation policy in
University of Hyderabad (A case study of 2011-12 Admissions)


Ambedkar Students' Association

[Via Arun Asokan]

Non-Implementation of Reservation Policy in P.G Courses for the year 2011-12 

University of Hyderabad has a clear-cut policy of 'no cut-off marks' for admission into P.G Courses, which means that the seats vacant under any quota must be filled. For reserved quota it becomes obligatory to fulfill mandatory provisions of reservation policy. But University of Hyderabad has violated it. From Table 1, owing exceptions to M.A Urdu and M.P.A Dance, we could observe that almost all departments had candidates available. Despite this, the seats remained vacant.

Table 1: Statement showing the No. of Vacancies and Availability of Candidates
intake 21

intake 22

Source: Compiled from Agenda Circulated for 67th Academic Council at University of Hyderabad.

From Table 1 we can conclude that the seats of reserved categories were not filled despite the availability of candidates, and this seems to be a deliberate attempt by the administration to curtail the inflow of SC/ST/OBC candidates into Higher Education.

The macro picture is, the percentage of unfilled PG Seats under reserved category constitute about 43%, 53.6%, 51.8%, 56.7% respectively for the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13. Of all these unfilled seats, a majority pertain to OBC seats. (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Percentage-wise Distribution of Seats vacant among SC/ST/OBC and General Category Students

intake 4

intake 5

This is a calculated assault on the reservation policy as the seats available were not filled despite the availability of candidates, and out of the total unfilled seats the share of reserved category seats is on an average 60%. Hence it is concluded as a calculated assault.

Non-Implementation of Reservation Policy in M.Phil & Ph.D courses for the year 2011-12

For M.Phil/Ph.D. there is a policy of Cut-Off (which violates the directions issued by UGC for the policy of No-Cut-Off for SC/ST for the fulfillment of reservation policy) which is detailed below:
intake 6

Table 2: Statement showing Vacancies in respect of M.Phil Admissions during the year 2011-12
intake 7

intake 8

Table 3: Statement showing Vacancies in respect of Ph.D Admissions during the year 2011-12
intake 9

intake 10

Table 4: Total Admissions for Reserved quota and No.Of Vacancies during 2011-12
intake 11* Includes seats under super-numerary quota


From all above tables we could draw two conclusions:

1. The worst affected in Non-Implementation of Policy has been OBC's with a vacancy 90 seats due to Cut-Off, Hence the policy of Cut-Off relaxation should be more than 10%

2. The seats vacant under SC/ST is also a serious concern as they sum up to 31 even with a relaxation in Cut-Off, this appears to be a tactic to curtail the SC/ST students in to Higher Education.

Reservation and its Implementation from 2009-2012 academic years

For the academic years from 2009 till 2012, the policy of reservation has never been implemented on a full scale. The Below table presents the status of implementation of reservation policy, in percentage terms.

Table: Statement of Percentage Implementation of Reservation Policy at University of Hyderabad.
intake 12

From the above table we could observe that the reservation policy was not implemented fully even for a single year. The description of the above table is summarized as actual figures below:

For the Year 2009-10: out of total intake of 2248 seats Reserved for SC/ST/OBC were 1084. Out of Total Seats 360 seats went unfilled in which the reserved seats constitute about 83.33%, which amounts to 300 seats.

For the year 2010-11: Out of total approved intake of 2205 seats, Reserved Seats for SC/ST/OBC were 1090. Out of these 1090 Seats 287 seats went unfilled.

For the year 2011-12: Out of total approved intake of 2160 seats, reserved seats for SC/ST/OBC were 1068 seats. Out of these 1068 seats 297 seats went unfilled.

For the year 2012-13: Out of Total Approved Intake of 2102 seats, reserved seats for SC/ST/OBC were 1037 seats. Out of these 1037 seats 319 seats went unfilled.


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