Our students are not allowed to celebrate their success: Anoop Kumar, Director, Nalanda Academy


Round Table India

anoop interview

In this episode of the Ambedkar Age series, Round Table India talks to Anoop Kumar, Director Nalanda Academy, Wardha, Maharashtra.

In the interview, Anoop Kumar talks about the beginning and the phenomenal growth of Nalanda Academy in Wardha, Maharashtra, which has helped over 200 students from Bahujan backgrounds to enter the most prestigious of higher educational institutions in India and abroad. He talks about how the idea of the Academy was conceived, how the community was made a part of all the efforts of the Academy. He also talks about the structures which act as obstacles for Dalit and other marginalised students to gain access to quality education in India.

The interview was conducted by Kuffir

Camera and editing: Amarnath Sandipamu
Lighting and additional camera: Deepu Myneni
It was recorded in February, 2019.

In the Ambedkar Age series of videos, Round Table India aims to produce documentaries, interviews and talks on contemporary issues, and debates from a Dalit Bahujan perspective.