Urgent Appeal: Help a meritorious Dalit girl student secure her admission in UK University


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T Siri Chandana, a BSc (Maths, Physics, Computer Science) student from Adikavi Nannaya University in Rajahmundry,  Andhra Pradesh, has received offers of Admission and Excellence/Merit Scholarship from three Universities in the UK: University of Salford in Manchester, Wrexham Glyndwr University in Wrexham and Solent University, Southampton to study Master's program in Computer Science/Information Technology (pl see attached images of the offers)


Siri Chandana has been a brilliant student throughout her scholastic career, having scored 97% marks (Grade A) in her tenth board exam, 92% in junior college (Grade A) and 88% (Grade A) in her BSc (MPCs) in 2019. She has also received several prizes, honours for her participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Despite coming from very hard circumstances- having lost her father at a young age, around ten years ago- and facing financial difficulties, she has remained focused on her education, supported and encouraged by her mother and family.

Offers of Admission from UK Universities   

university of salford



solent university


glyndwr wrexham university

Siri Chandana needs your support now!

All the offers of admission promise scholarships which only cover part of Tuition Fees. Whichever university she chooses (all of them have deadlines) she'll need substantial support of upto 10000 to 13000 Euros, on average, to cover the total fees and living expenses. The offers require her to pay half the fees on accepting admission. To cover the remaining fees etc., she is confident of securing support from AP Govt's AP Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarships scheme. 

Right now she needs support of around 5-6 lakh rupees, for admission fees and hostel etc expenses. Please come forward to support Siri Chandana through your contributions. 

Bank Account details

Tigiripalli Siri Chandana

Account No: 34469813625

IFSC Code: SBIN0021966

Bank: State Bank Of India

Branch: Peddevam branch


We'd like to share some good news! Siri Chandana was able to secure her admission in Salford University, Manchester, UK by paying the depost on June 15th!

We're very thankful to everyone who contributed, to our readers who made their own contributions or asked their friends and acquaintances to help. The total contributions came to around Rs. 5.5 lakhs. We're specially thankful to actor Prakash Raj who made a major contribution which finally helped Siri Chandana secure her admission. He has shown exemplary social consciousness, taking special interest in Siri Chandana's situation, following up through regular communication and encouragement. 

Siri Chandana has compiled a list of names that she could identify from her bank statement (there might be a few mistakes in spelling the names because they were prepared from a handwritten list, for which we beg forgiveness). Here's the list: 

Vishal Upadhyaya, Swathi, Gurusharan Singh, Aditi Priya, K.Priyanka, Nallini Raghav, Sudhir Raaz, Rajkumar DevJani, Samudrala S.V.Pavan, Mukesh Yashwant, Yogesh Ramesh, Pochiraju Shesha, Kalyani, Shriyuta, G.Suresh, Elancheran Subramanyam, Padmanabha Sesha, Sunkari Chetanan, Sarath, Aniket Ramesh, Mullai Selvan, Priyadarsh, Satyam, Mahankali Sridhar, Pabitra, Ayan Roychowdhury, Arun Kumar, Bhavani Buswala, Gouri Kumari and Prakash Raj. Apart from the above names, there were twelve other contributors who could be identified only through their phone numbers. We're sorry we couldn't name them here. But we're very grateful to them too.

Siri Chandana still needs support to pursue her education, for her living expenses which would come to around Rs. 90,000 per month, for the first six months. Any contributions would greatly help. Thank you, sincerely, again.