Migrant Tears in Untouchable India

Mungamuri Kranthi Kumar

mungamuri kranthi kumar orCorona doesn’t know any Caste or Religion,

Says Hindutva.

It is a blatant lie,

It is Brahminical Morality

Mocking thousand of years of Bahujan pain and agony.

Caste Hindus snatched my land

Tortured and killed me in my Untouchable village;

Thousands of years of Caste Hindu Untouchability

Thousands of years of Caste Hindu Exploitation,

My abject poverty caused by Hindu Spiritual Fascism

Made me a Migrant


Corona Knows My Caste

Corona Knows My Religion.

I am left on the road

I am beaten on the road

Trains don’t take me home

Buses don’t take me home,

To restrain me from reaching my parents

Because I am an Untouchable Migrant


Corona Knows my Caste

Corona Knows my Religion. 

Indian airlines have become Caste Hindu airlines

Indian hospitals have become Caste Hindu Quarantines

Indian Marketplaces have become Caste Hindu Marketplaces,

Manus offspring’s run the government

Corona Knows My Caste

Corona Knows My Religion. 

For the Caste Hindus,

My lockdown is Nationalism

My lockdown is Patriotism

My hunger is delicious food

My thirst is sweet nectar

My sleepless nights are a good night’s sleep

My tears are a wine party.

For Caste Hindus,

My unbearable pain is infinite happiness

Corona Knows my Caste

Corona Knows my Religion. 



Mungamuri Kranthi Kumar is a research scholar at Centre For The Study Of  Social Systems, JNU, New Delhi. He is a BAPSA activist.


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