Support Water Tanks for Rural Families in Drought-hit Solapur

Appeal to support buying water tanks for rural families in drought-hit Solapur district

[Via Chetana Sawai]

We all are aware that Maharashtra is badly hit by drought this year and some of the districts are worst in the context of availability of drinking and portable water. Sangola is one of the blocks in Solapur district that receives poor rain every year much below the state and district average and because it rained very less last year water sources are completely dried in Sangola block. Agriculture and cropping this year is a remote possibility. Live stock is already shifted to government or cooperative run 'fodder camps' and many families are too shifted to these fodder camps for the animals.

Rural to urban or semi-urban migration of men is a very common phenomena in this block and due to the drought this year it has increased leaving older people, women and children behind to face the water scarcity. Government water tankers (through corrupt tanker lobby) sometimes reach drought-hit villages but distribution is not equitable and fair. Those upper caste families (who have water containers) can store water, but those families who do not have containers (mostly Dalit families in villages) cannot even store water required for daily needs. They need water tanks to store water. 


Repression let loose in EFLU: Dalit and Muslim Students arrested


Today, following unrest in EFLU, Hyderabad, after the death of M Narsing Rao, a Dalit contractual employee, the police entered the EFLU campus and lathi charged students and employees who were protesting peacefully demanding compensation for the bereaved family. Many students and employees including faculty members were hurt in the lathi charge. 6 students and a few other workers of EFLU were arrested and taken away from the campus. They were in the Osmania police station from the morning and were shifted to the Kachiguda police station in the afternoon. They were in police custody till late evening and were released only around 8.30 pm. Most of those arrested were SC/ST and Muslim students who are active participants in the campus politics of EFLU.

The tussle between the police and the workers and students took place while the body of the dead labourer was taken for post-mortem. It was after this that they staged a protest in EFLU. At this time, the police was called in by the administration and they resorted to lathi charging the students. Some students were trying to capture the lathi charge on camera and it was then that the police started arresting them. 

The EFLU campus had seen an active and dynamic politics by Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi and minority students in the last few years. Students here had systematically protested the harassment meted out to SC/ST/OBC students and were bringing to public notice various issues of concern to them.

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The situation in EFLU grew volatile after the suicide of Mudasir Kamran, a Kashmiri student, who allegedly killed himself after he was arrested by the Police at the behest of the Proctor of EFLU. Similarly, EFLU was again in the news, when a senior professor filed a case against a few SC/ST/OBC students who were protesting against her harassment of their fellow SC/ST/OBC students.


Letter to the Prime Minister: Include Pali in Constitution of India


Please sign (inserting your name etc in the brackets) this appeal to the Prime Minister of India to include Pali, the ancient language, in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution by going to this site.


Letter to Hon. Prime Minister of India For Inclusion of Pali, ancient Indian language, in Constitution of India


Hon. Prime Minister of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi, India-110011.

Respected Sir,

Myself {NAME} from {CITY} urging for following request.

Pali: An Ancient Language

Pali is one of the ancient languages in India. Buddha had chosen Pali language for his teachings since it was the "common man's" language. Buddha's era was 600 BC. That means Pali language is very ancient and has at least 2500 years of history. Buddha's teachings are in rich classical Pali language. Any language reaches to that classical level, does exist and used in day-to-day communications around 500 years before it reach to classical stage. In this context, we can state that Pali has around 3000 years of history!

In around 300 BC Samrat Ashoka scripted the Buddha's teaching in manuscripts. The manuscripts of Emperor Ashoka are in Pali language written in Brahmi and Kharoshti scripts that are largely found from Kandahar (Afghanistan) to Andhra Pradesh and Saurashtra, Pakistan to Odisha. This gives us the magnitude of Pali speaking region in India and in Asia. Pali, in some regions, also known as Magadhi since it was the language of Magadh Empire. (Reference: History of Pali Literature, by B.C.Law)

After 3rd Sangitee (Buddhist way of conference) the collection of Buddha's thoughts were started and then its get sorted. In 4th Sangitee (29 BC) in Sri Lanka, the thoughts of Buddha were scripted/written in Pali language. (Reference: Saddhammasangaho, by Dhammakitti)


Public Lecture on Regionalising India By Prof. G. Aloysius

Department of Social Exclusion Studies, EFL-University

Invites you to a Public Lecture on

'Regionalising India'

By Prof. G. Aloysius


On 29 April, 2013, at 4 PM

Venue: Conference Hall, Administrative Block, EFL-University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.


UK Parliament outlaws Caste-Based Discrimination


Eleventh hour change from the Government turned 1000 protesters into 1000 partygoers

For the third time in 6 weeks, Dalit groups, communities and campaign organisations made a call to rally in Parliament Square to continue to urge the government to do the necessary to legislate against caste discrimination in the UK. Our call was again answered as coach loads of people from across the country joined members of CasteWatch UK, Dalit Solidarity Network UK, Voice of Dalit International, Federation of Ambedkarite Buddhist Organisations UK, Central Valmik Sabha UK, Indian Christian Concern, Ravidassia Communities and Dr Ambedkar Memorial Committee GB, as well as scores of regional and community organisations and met at the rally on Tuesday 23 April. The date will now live in all our memories forever. 

uk caste law

"Growing up in Birmingham I faced tremendous caste discrimination and ill treatment because I was a Dalit (or Untouchable) at the hands of so called high caste people. I became involved in the anti-caste movement so that victims of modern day discrimination would have a voice and legal redress. I am proud to be part of this momentous day‟: Rajinder Rattu, Community Activist and Managing Director, Neighbourhood Consultancy Ltd. 


Babasaheb Ambedkar's Birthday as National Holiday - 2


Neel Kranti Media

Neel Kranti Media has been talking to a few Ambedkarites on the significance of Babasaheb B. R. Ambedkar's birth anniversary for them. Here, in the featured video, you can watch Moggallan Bharti, Assistant Professor - Department Of Political Science, Gargi College, University Of Delhi, shares his views on what the day means to him.



Round Table India wholeheartedly supports the growing demand among the Dalitbahujans and others across the country that Babasaheb's birthday should be declared as a National Holiday and shall endeavour to feature the views of individuals and organizations in this regard as a campaign through out this year.


Babasaheb Ambedkar's Birthday as National Holiday


Neel Kranti Media

On Babasaheb B. R. Ambedkar's birth anniversary this year, Neel Kranti Media talked to a few Ambedkarites on the significance of the day for them. Here, in the featured video, you can watch Dr. Vivek Kumar, professor in JNU, and Prachi Beula, student, share their views on what the day means to them.




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