Respond to the report of taskforce to review the guidelines of SCSP and TSP

Dear Friends,

The Planning Commission of India has set up a Task Force to Review the existing Guidelines on Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan (SCSP) and Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) in 2010. The task force has submitted its report on 25th November 2010 and is due to be approved by the cabinet. We observe that this report is total dilution of the original spirit of the policy.

The report has exempted 43 ministries from allocating funds under SCSP and TSP and another 10 ministries to allocate funds less than 15% and 9 ministries to allocate between 15-16% and only 6 ministries to allocate beyond 16.2%. This recommendation not only reduces the availability of funds by 37% (approximately) but also limits the SCSP support to primary sectors and keeps no obligation to the ministries which are considered as the growth engines of the modern society. 


The disappearance of two Dalit students in Mahabubnagar

Raise your voice against the disappearance of two Dalit students in Mahabubnagar!

Report filed by Karthik Navayan

The details of the case are that on 15th August, 2005, the CPI (Maoist) party killed one sitting MLA, Chittem Narsi Reddy of Makthal constituency, in Mahabubnagar district. In this case, the police of Mahabubnagar started harassing the families of the 1. Bandari Mallesh S/o Laxmanna R/o Makthal, and 2. Vaddera Manohar S/o Thimmanna R/o Kalwala. The families of the above said victims went to the police and requested them to not to harass them as the they are only students and had nothing to do with the above said case.


11 Supreme Court verdict on harassment of tribal woman

 It was believed at one time that Dravidians were the original inhabitants of India. That view has since been considerably modified. Now the generally accepted belief is that the pre-Dravidian aborigines, that is, the ancestors of the present tribals or Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes), were the original inhabitants.


Hellhole hostels

Adi Dravidar students in Chennai bring the city to a halt to highlight the abysmal conditions in their hostels.Students residing in government-run Adi Dravidar hostels block the arterial Anna Salai in Chennai on December 21. The blockade continued for more than four hours.


The pathetic condition of Kacheguda SC Hostel in Hyderabad city

The pathetic condition of Kacheguda SC Hostel in Hyderabad city A report by the Campaign for the elimination of Caste discrimination in education institutions.

 As decided in the 3rd meeting of the Campaign for the elimination of caste discrimination in education institutions, a 8 members team consisting of


Stripping of Dalit women: Chargesheet filed against upper caste neighbours

Over two years after two women were allegedly thrashed and almost stripped by their upper caste neighbours, the Wadala TT police have filed two separate cases under the Prevention of Atrocity Act.In 2008, Urmilla Lunwara, a municipal school teacher, and Mamta Makhwana were allegedly assaulted and almost stripped for questioning the periodic demands by a few upper caste neighbours of a “building maintenance” for their MHADA Colony houses in Wadala.


Dalit woman's tongue bitten off during rape attempt

A 30-year-old dalit woman's tongue was bitten off allegedly by a man who attempted to rape her in Pihani area of the district, police said.Suresh attempted to rape the woman in Lehana village late last night and when she resisted the rape attempt, he bit her tongue so hard that one inch of it came off, they said.


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