Our Journey - How we know caste

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Created on 17 June 2010


Four young researchers encounter the issue of caste, and challenge their own perception of how caste functions in India. One of the questions that this doc poses for me (apart from questions and concerns about caste-based discrimination itself) is how does the "perception vs. reality" of other types social exclusion function in other places around the world? In Canada for example... This has been produced as part of the Knowledge Community on Children in India (KCCI) Summer Internship Programme. 2007, UNICEF India. The contents of this film do not necessarily reflect the policies or the views of UNICEF and IIDS. As concieved by: Anandini Dar, Ishita Islam, Shruthi Jayaram & Ananya Ohri Videography and Editing by: Ananya Ohri Voice Over: Natasha Bhogal, Bincy Cherian and Vrudhi Shah Music by: Mohini Produced by: UNICEF India With the Support of: Indian Institute of Dalit Studies A special thanks to: Sonam Bhojwani and Rishika Yata This project could not have been produced without the help of: Annie Namala, Poonam Mehera, Rajkumar Bhaiya, Seema and Annemieke Burmeister.




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