SCSP for Scheduled Castes I

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Dear friends, PIL filed on non-allocation & non-implementation of SCSP for Scheduled Castes in the Union and the State of Delhi Budget -- High Court of Delhi records a statement of Govt of Delhi that they have allocated full proportion of the SCSP resources and advises to approach respective High Courts and the Supreme Court for the implementation of the SCSP in states and the Union Budget respectively. NCDHR, along with Centre for Dalit Rights, Rajasthan, Social Watch Tamil Nadu, Safai Karmachari Andolan we have filed writ petition in High Court of Delhi (WP© 8753/2007) which has come up for preliminary examination on the 28th November 2007. The High Court earlier felt that this is a matter of fiscal policy and so Court cannot interfere with the government. However they have requested the counsel for Delhi Government and the Central Secretariat and the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to give respond to the figures of gross denial of funds meant for the Schedules Castes Sub Plan. On the 12th December the Counsel for the Delhi Government made a submission that they have allocated full 19% of the plan outlay of Govt. of Delhi' Annual Budget 2007-08, as per the SCSP. Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves argued that this response is to be verified. The bench ruled while recording the statement of the Delhi High Court, ruled that petitioners may approach Supreme Court for the matter regarding the implementation of the SCSP at the Union level. The order is yet to be delivered to us. This is a major milestone in the struggle for the reclaiming the share in the budget for the Dalits. We need to now mobilise the Dalit and solidarity movements in Delhi to ensure its full realisation in the actual expenditure. This is also a partial success in the matter of realisation of SCSP in the Union budget also. We would like to acknowledge the support and contribution of Social Watch- Tamil Nadu, HRLN, Delhi and the CBGA, Delhi for all their research and documentation. With regards, Jai Bhim, N. Paul Divakar (National Convenor) Note: The SCSP (Scheduled Castes Sub Plan) or the Special Component Plan, which was earlier termed, has been initiated in the VIth plan with a special emphasis on executing the programmes relevant to the SCs, "who were suffering from dual disabilities of severe economic exploitation and social discrimination". To remedy this disparity development, a proportion of total plan allocation is to be separately earmarked for the socio-economic welfare of Dalits in proportion to the SC population, which is 16.2%, in both physical and financial terms. But, year after year, the plan allocation earmarked for SCs in the budget is far below than their legitimate proportion to the total population of the country. In the Union Budget 2007-08 alone, out of Rs. 32,816 Crore meant for SCSP, SCs have been deprived of a whopping Rs. 20,280 Crore. Similar denials have been taking place each year for the past 27 years, ever since it was evolved. Similar is the case with most of the State Governments. The National Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Commission also has taken this very seriously and noted the allocation of different state government in its reports. Many of the parliamentarians and legislative Assembly members, have raised this issue, but is not being seriously addressed by the Finance ministry, the Cabinet which decides on this or the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment which is to monitor this budget allocation. The common response given by various Ministries/Departments of the Union as well as State governments is that their schemes/programmes are indivisible and therefore cannot have separate budgetary provisions for SCs and others. This is the way SCs have been exploited and duped for the last 25 years. National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights lead the campaign to demand the allocation of Rupees 20,000 Crore for Scheduled Castes of India. For more information: web: http://www.ncdhr.org.in/ncdhr/ For photographs: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/pasangdlepcha/NationalCampaignOnDalitsHumanRights




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