13. Dr Ambedkar- His Death

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Created on 12 October 2010


This is the pictorial documentary on the life of most influential Social Reformer of India, the Father of the Nation Dr. B R Ambedkar. His life story had been inspiration to many of the people. A outcast poor boy from the India became the chief architect of Constitution of India and wrote the future of India. This video includes end of the greatest man of the Century. After two months of Dhamma Deeksha, Dr, Ambedkar tried to spent his remaining life devoting Buddhism, But his health was getting worsed. At the end on 6th December 1956 the greatest emancipator passed away and became immortal to the history and his people. He was taken from Delhi to Mumbai for his funeral. His funeral held at Chaitya Bhoomi, Dadar. Millions of Dr. Ambedkar devotee pay homage every year by visiting this place. Its wud not be and end of era but just a beginning.......... It is a must watch documentary for everyone.. Hope you Like it. Jai Bhim Peace! Be Happy ! Siddhartha Chabukswar




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