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Away from me…

February 10th, 2011 by naren bedide

The pregnant full moon

giving birth to moonlight

weaves a garland of jasmines

around my dark Malapalli*


Soft light

through the Rellu+ grass

flashes honed smiles

that pound my heart


The wild flowers by the stream,

dewdrops, like little bells around ankles,

touch my feet and beam


The sweat that silently drops

from the furrows of my forehead

becomes ears of rice

that bow and salaam me with humility



He, still adjusting his janeu, is edging,

towards the borders of the hill,

away from me…


My translation of the Telugu poem 'naaku duurangaa..'  by J.Gautam ( from his collection of poetry 'nalu dikkulanunchii ranDi' ).


* Malapalli : the Mala quarter of a village.

+ Rellu: kind of reed, saccharum spontaneum, used for thatching and as fodder ( J.P.L.Gwynn's Telugu-English dictionary).


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