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Moonlight in the jungle

September 22nd, 2012 by naren bedide

Moonlight in the jungle

Stood upright

On the summit of the mountain of thought.


Now it shines

On the villages and deer

And streams.


In the great cold of repression

Wearing the steel armour of ideals

With its finger on the trigger  

It stands guard over unfolding history

All day and night.


It teaches people's power

The sword drill 

It cautions



Moonlight in the jungle!

Such beautiful moonlight!

Wearing the uniform of sacrifice

It lowers the clouds to the ground.


My translation of the Telugu poem 'aDavilO vennela', from the collection of poetry 'Sivasagar Kavitvam', by K. G. Satyamurthy ('Sivasagar').

The poet says he wrote this poem in 1985, sitting on the top of a hill in Bastar (then in Madhya Pradesh), during a period when he was a part of an Adivasi movement. 





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