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Two poems by Chandramohan S

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The rape and murder of a tribal girl

Chandramohan S

No newspaper carried a headline or a photo feature,
No youth were roused to protests,
No city's life came to a standstill,
No furor in the parliament,
No nation's conscience was haunted,
No Prime minister addressed the nation,
No TV channel discussions,
No police officials were transferred or suspended,
No candle light marches,
No billion women rising,
a tribal girl was raped and murdered!

Casteless society and Secular state

Do talk about haves and have nots

Do not talk about caste!

Do talk about workers and owners

Do not talk about caste!

Do talk about “proletariat” and “bourgeoisie”

Do not talk about caste!

Religious conversions of Christianity,

Ideological conversions to communism,

Theological conversions to atheism

Do not

Scrub off the stain of casteism

Do not

Deodorize the stench of untouchability

Do not

Obliterate caste!

There are no emancipatory ladders


Descend the ascending scales of reverence


Ascend the descending scales of contempt.

Chandramohan S is a poet and activist based in Ernakulam, Kerala.


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