National Commission for Scheduled Castes to Organize Awareness Camps to Disseminate Information About the Rights of Scheduled Castes

The National Commission for Scheduled Castes will be organizing awareness camps in all divisions/mandals of all States/UTs in order to disseminate the information about their rights and safeguards provided in the Constitution of India. The Commission during its interaction with various organizations has observed that the majority of Scheduled Caste people are not aware of their rights and they need to be informed extensively about it.

It cannot be over-emphasized that unless the intended beneficiaries are aware of their rights and the various schemes/programmes being implemented by various government agencies, they will not enjoy their rights and the people cannot get fully benefited.

The rights provided include reservation in government services in Group A, B, C & D. The Scheduled Caste people are provided human rights protection by way of SC/ST (POA) Act, 1989 and PCR Act, 1955 with provisions for compensation.

It may be recalled that the Third National Commission for Scheduled Castes has been constituted under Article 338 of the Constitution of India with Dr. P.L. Punia, Chairman, Shri Raj Kumar Verka, Vice Chairman, Shri M. Shivana, Shri Raju Parmar and Smt. Latha Priyakumar as members. The Commission has been assigned the duties under Clause 5 of Article 338 of the Constitution to safeguard the interest of SCs.

courtesy: PIB

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