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Another Victim after Mudasir: EFLU Administration's Blood-thirst Exposed


Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes

Dalit Camera interviewed Munavath Sriramulu, an Adivasi student in the German department of, EFLU, on the persecution he had been subjected to by the university administration for nearly two years. You'll find an earlier interview of Sriramulu, conducted right after the tragic death of Mudasir Kamran, in the second part of this article. The interview was transcribed by Ajith Francis.  



Dalit Camera: What is happening? How do you feel?

Sriramulu: I am M. Sriramulu. In the beginning, I was in C.C Shroff Hospital. They made me undergo a lot of tests (scanning, etc.). They tried to make up a report that I was very much fine and fit, mentally and physically. But I felt that something was wrong. On 7th or 8th, I'm not very sure of the exact date, at noon, Nirupama Rastogi along with the University Doctor (attending at the campus Health Centre) came to see me. This was because DABMSA, TSA and all other student organizations in the University were raising accusations that the University administration was very negligent towards my state of health. So just to silence them and show them that this wasn't the case, Nirupama Rastogi came with the campus Health Centre Doctor. They visited me.


Raju Pulyala's martyrdom: Ambedkar Students Association appeals to all students

[Via Prashant Kamla]

Ambedkar Students Association (ASA), University of Hyderabad, appeals to all SC, ST, OBC and Minorities students and Dalit students organisations in various universities all over the India to condemn and show their resentment against this systemic killing of Scheduled Caste students in University of Hyderabad.

raju p condolence


Till what point of time they will discriminate, humiliate, oppress and deny our rights and justice? This question we must ask to ourselves. What is the point of time which will bring us together (uniting) to fight in organized manner against such inhuman treatment to us?? There are many such questions we must look into. So it is an appeal to support the cause of justice, the demand against this loss of valuable Dalit life. Spread the words for support..... Build the Dalit Movement again across the country and regions against this injustice done to the Dalit student...


First ever poetry collection on lives of Dalit women launched in Delhi


Rajeev R Singh

A unique collection of Hindi poetry was launched in Delhi. It's the 1st ever collection of poetry about the lives and struggles of Dalit & Adivasi women - by 65 young poets of the democratic tradition. (Editors: Anita Bharti & Bajrang Bihari Tiwari).


There was a different kind of excitement and expectation in the air. As history was being created at the meeting hall of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, the crowd looked expectantly towards the podium to catch a glimpse of 'Yathastithi se Takraate Hue Dalit Stree Jeewan se Judi Kavitaayein', a unique collection of Hindi poetry by 65 poets.

Dalits are ex-untouchables, the lowest castes in the highly hierarchical Hindu caste system. Though un-touchability is outlawed under the Indian Constitution, social norms and practices have changed little over the decades in India.


Dalits have struggled for a dignified existence since centuries. However under the championing leadership of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, Dalits got a new voice and direction. He was also the chairperson of the Indian Constitution's drafting committee.


An open letter to the EFL Community from Teachers’ Front for Justice and Democracy

We write this to clarify certain positions regarding the formation of TFJD. While it is not our intention to target individuals or make polemical statements we want to express our views on the recent issues on campus.

The Teacher's Association's Involvement in the current Academic and Administrative Deadlock on Campus

* A general body meeting of the EFLU-Teacher's Association (TA) was called by the acting General Secretary of the TA, "to look into the on-going matters on the campus", on 06, March 2013 at 1.30 p.m. through an SMS sent to a few of the teachers on their mobile phones, which also requested to spread the information. However, a couple of the Executive Members of the TA were not aware of the same, which was strange as the office bearers of the TA could not pass the message. It was found that there was no executive body meeting or information to all the executive members of the TA.

* While a few (ten to fifteen of us) were waiting at 1.30 p.m. for the office bearers of the TA to start the meeting, we found, a little later that there was another meeting taking place between the VC and some 'concerned teachers'. The General Secretary, an EC member and some senior professors came and expressed their anguish on classes being disrupted which sounded more like an extension of their meeting with the VC. We requested them to postpone the meeting for the next day as there was no quorum for that meeting.

* The General Secretary of the TA has been interacting with the VC since the beginning of the agitation of the students at his personal level. If he claims this power as the representative of the TA, it is objectionable as there was no prior discussion of the same matter at the Executive Council of the TA at least.

* A general body meeting of the Teacher's Association (TA) was called by the General Secretary of the TA, "to look into the on-going issues on the campus", on 07, March 2013 at 11.00 a.m. The GBM was visibly one sided and the resolutions were decided well in advance. The GB was not led by the chair, but by individuals and groups of teachers. The General Secretary presented the version of the VC as the 'real story' and the other versions of the story were not discussed and all the members were in a hurry to pass the 'resolution'. The entire issue of a great magnitude was reduced only to a 'victimised' teacher, who is also proctor, versus the 'militant, hooligan' students 'disrupting' the classes. The entire burden of conducting classes and protecting their 'hapless' 'fellow teacher' was on the shoulders of the 'teaching fraternity'.


Fact Finding Report on Mudasir Kamran Mallah's Death: Bahujan Intellectual's Collective


We Demand Proctor Harish Vijra Must Be Immediately Arrested and Prosecuted

A team of Bahujan Intellectual's Collective and other forums formed a Fact Finding Team and visited the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) campus on March 5, to enquire into the suicide of a Ph.D. scholar Mudasir Kamran on March 2. This is report of fact finding on behalf of Bahujan Intellectual's Collective.

The team members interacted with the student representatives, Vice Chancellor and members of the faculty, besides visiting the Osmania University Police Station. Given below are the versions as recorded by the team members, and conclusions arrived and the rationale behind the same.

Our Interaction with the Students

Students from EFLU informed the team members that Mudasir Kamran Mallah, who came from Kashmir for his doctoral studies was a very friendly person, and they have not heard him entering into a fight with anybody. He would mostly hang around with local Telugu students, except during Namaz hours. He was very outgoing, and loved to play the cricket commentator for matches among the students. According to Srikanth, a Ph.D. scholar, he would wish people every time he encountered them on the campus, even if it is a 24th time in the day.


Statement in support of the struggle for justice for Mudasir Kamran

[Via Ravi Chandran]

March 11, 2013.

We express our solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the students of the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad following the unfortunate suicide of Mudasir Kamran, a PhD student at the University, on March 02, 2013. We are dismayed at the insensitivity with which the University administration has handled the situations that led up to Mudasir's mysterious and tragic death labeled as suicide and the events that unfolded in its aftermath.

It is deplorable that the Vice-Chancellor, instead of acknowledging the failure of the system and addressing the apprehensions of the students by taking corrective steps that ensure justice, is resorting to coercive tactics and trying to threaten the students with police action if they do not call off their strike, and warning them of "zero semester" if classes do not resume on Monday (i.e. March 11). Such despicable strategies will not hamper the spirit of the students of EFLU, who have formed a "Struggle Committee for Justice for Mudasir Kamran". A group of progressive teachers of EFLU have come forward (in the name of "Teachers' Front for Justice and Democracy") opposing the authoritarian ways of handling the situation.


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