In Gujarat, there's a conflict between Mahajan culture and Bahujan culture: Raju Solanki


Round Table India

In this episode of the Ambedkar Age series, Round Table India talks to Raju Solanki, writer, poet and activist based in Ahmedabad.

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Interviewed by: Kuffir
Camera and editing: Ahmedabad Talkies

In the interview, Rajubhai traces the roots of the Mahajan vs Bahujan conflict in Gujarat. He explains the growth of the Mahajan politics since the eighties, its moorings in the anti-reservation movements, against the background of an industrial crisis and large scale labour displacement in the late 70s.

He also delineates how all the upper caste led political parties, from the BJP to the Congress, and the civil society totally occupied by Hindutva forces, paved the way for Modi raj, 2002 riots and their culmination in the Una atrocities. The Dalit and Bahujan movements fighting courageously against the Mahajan regime are painstakingly described.


The interview was conducted by Kuffir, and produced by Ahmedabad Talkies, led by Pratik Parmar and Keval Chandpa. It was recorded on 16 March, 2019.

In the Ambedkar Age series of videos, Round Table India aims to produce documentaries, interviews and talks on contemporary issues, and debates from a Dalit Bahujan perspective.