Dalit Artik Adhikaar Aandolan part-2

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Created on 19 June 2010


Stop Stealing SCSP/TSP money from SCs/STs Give share(25%) in the Union/State Budget After 60 years of Independence the marginalized communities like SCs and STs of India have been brought in the mainstream of Indian society. The Human Development Indicators of these communities are still very poor .The promises made by the UPA government in Common Minimum Programme and their slogans of Inclusive growth are not reflecting in the policies .The Budget for these communities are dismal and does not reflect the need and demands of the these communities. During the 6th plan, the government of India introduced a strategy called Special component Plan (SCP) which is renamed as Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) for the socio-economic welfare of Dalits and it was made mandatory for all State governments departments as well as the central government departments. This plan provides direct benefit to the SCs individuals, families and hamlets. The annual plan of States/ Union Territories (UTs) should earmark plan allocations according to the proportion of the SC population i.e. 16 % in the total population of the country/the particular state. However, it has been observed for the last 27 years since the inception of Scheduled Caste Sub Plan in 1979-80, the Union as well as State/UT governments are flaunting to the guidelines and does not follow the directives of SCSP. The allocation under the plan budget is not done accordingly. So far as the Union Budget 2007-08 is concerned, the total budget allocation under Plan Outlay is Rs. 205100 crore and as per the SCSP the Government of India was supposed to allocate Rs. 32816 crore exclusively for SCs (16 percent of the total plan budget) but it has allocated Rs. 12535.75 crore only for the welfare of SCs, which means SCs have been deprived of Rs. 20280.25 crore. Out of 62 Ministries/Departments only 6 Ministries have allocated substantially under SCSP. The state also does the same for example Delhi Budget the allocations are done on paper but they actually are notional allocations and they do not benefit directly to SCs individuals, families and hamlets. Similarly in Bihar Rs.1398 crores, in Rajasthan Rs. 1595 crores, and Orissa Rs. 1656 crores have been denied in the state budget of 2007-08. Under Tribal Sub Plan only 4.88% has been allocated to STs instead of 8.2% which is their population percentage in the country and hence they are deprived of Rs. 7945.34 crores in the last Budget. Similarly Women and Minorities communities are kept away from their due share in the Budget. Regarding this we have specific demands as follows: 1.XI Five Year Plan has betrayed SCs and STs instead of inclusive growth it excudes SCs so it should be revised 2.A Separate Ministry for development of SCs- 'Ministry of Progression of Scheduled Caste' and Ministry of Progression of Scheduled Tribes be formed at the Central Level as well as in the States/ UTs for the welfare and development of SCs and STs. 3.In the Planning Commission also, a separate Deputy Chairperson be created, who will be dedicated to bridge the gap between the SCs and STs and rest of the populations within the next 10 years. 4.The unspent provisions, if any, in any sector will automatically be credited to a Revolving Fund. 5.It should be made mandatory for the departments/ministries that refuse to allocate SCSP/TSP to develop schemes and earmark allocations according to the SCSP and the violation should be seen as criminal offence. 6.In the economy sphere women are also contributing equally, we demand in all areas in proportion to the populations of women, budgetary allocations be made in a special way. Special focus to be made for Entrepreneurship, Health, Education, Skill Development, Land and Resource management and Social Security of women. 7.Minorities should have similar plan allocations 8.The recommendation of XI Working Group of Planning Commission on the Empowerment of SCs should be followed 9.Navodaya Vidyalaya for all SCs,STs and Women children be opened 10.All schemes and programmes of welfare of SCs and STs should be headed by SC SCs/STs Budget Hissedari Aandolan




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