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Tree of life

Friday, March 29th, 2013

P. Dayanandan

By the entrance to the Garden of Eden

There I waited for the botanist

who knew all about mustards, figs and lilies.

“Tell me, Cousin Jesus

I have seen the tree of Knowledge

And the Tree of Life

Show me the Tree of Freedom

Unguarded by swords, serpents or priests"

He took me past the Garden of Gethsemane

There it was – a cross of dead wood.

He said that he had climbed it

and knew that I could climb it too

I hugged him and kissed him

I broke the chains, shattered the bloody nails,

Cleared the garden and raised a forest

The sweet smell of freedom filled every pore

I am the Tree of Life!                                                             


This poem was written by Dr. Paulraj Dayanandan with Easter in his mind, as a card conveying his best wishes to all. 


Dr. P. Dayanandan retired as a professor and chairman of botany after teaching for 38 years in the US. His interests range from all aspects of botany to Pallava art history, Tamil literature, Dalit issues, education, space biology and spending time with young people to explore social consequences of oppression and empowering them to pursue studies in India and abroad. Ten years ago he helped organize a student and youth group called 'THUDI' involved in educating, agitating and organizing.

Sorry Mudasir Bhai

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Gurram Seetaramulu

Sorry Mudasir Bhai!

Long before you were born
In this country
Your name was listed
Among the traitors.

Your religion is a conspiracy
Your prayer meetings are a conspiracy
Your lying quiet is a conspiracy

It's true !!

Your study in EFLU is a conspiracy;
All is well in Heaven:
The other day, someone else,
Yesterday, you,
Today, someone else —
Tomorrow and day after tomorrow?
Who is next ?

Sorry Mudasir!!!

The 'collective consciences' were satisfied yesterday
But today the story recurs in another form
History repeats itself…

Sorry Mudasir Bhai!!!


Gurram Seetaramulu's 'Sorry Mudassir Bhai' was written in memory of a young Kashmiri student in the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Mudasir Kamran, who commited suicide in the campus on March 2, 2013. [Read more about the incident here]. 

Seetaramulu is a doctoral fellow at EFLU.   

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