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‘Tell me, Cousin Jesus’

Monday, December 24th, 2012


Genesis Chapter One

P. Dayanandan

By the well of Jacob

There I sat down and wept

Next to the man who asked for water


“Tell me, Cousin Jesus

            Neither a pariah in the beginning nor in caste

            How did I become one half-way through?

            And you still remain a Jew?”


He bent down and wrote something

On that despised Samarian sand

Look! He could read my mind

I remain illiterate


I sat down and wept

            The well filled, overflowed with living water!



Joy to the World


By the side of the manger, there I was

When three men from the East arrived

Late to worship my darling

The star took them to murderous Herod

The pundits got it wrong.


          “Tell me, Cousin Jesus

          Are you the Son of God?

          Are David, Moses, Abraham, Adam

your ancestors?

          Where did I come from?

          From the mouth, arms, thighs?

          They say I am not fit

          to be born even from the feet.”


I saw the star twinkle in his eyes as he winked

And said: We have bypassed the primeval purusha

Who needs Adam or the sons of Noah  

We both are miracle babies!


I gathered all the angels and shepherds

For a cosmic dance of peace and goodwill

Joy to the world

I am the Daughter of God!            


Dr. Paulraj Dayanandan shared these two poems as Christmas greetings.


Dr. P. Dayanandan retired as a professor and chairman of botany after teaching for 38 years in the US. His interests range from all aspects of botany to Pallava art history, Tamil literature, Dalit issues, education, space biology and spending time with young people to explore social consequences of oppression and empowering them to pursue studies in India and abroad. Ten years ago he helped organize a student and youth group called 'THUDI' involved in educating, agitating and organizing.

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