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Who? Me? A Casteist?

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Vivek Singh

Who? Me? A casteist?                          vivek-singh1

Oh, you must be mistaken,         
Such illogical things have been shaken. 

These are things of past,
Generations ago, it is said,
Human dignity was torn and shred.

But not today, sir, no.
How could untouchability have survived rationality?
If you think I'm wrong, check the legality.

Untouchability: BANNED
Manual Scavenging: BANNED
Discrimination: BANNED

See, sir, it's all gone now,
BANNED, by law, by the government,
Who says now it exists? Now there’s development.

What? A study shows it exists?
Well, sir you know how it is,
Those foolish villagers do all sorts of rubbish.

What? In cities too?
Old habits die hard, you know,
Some people just don't grow.

Oh, but they are very few, sir.
Modernity has dawned, development is here.
Awareness has grown, now even the few will disappear.

What? Me? A casteist? Why, sir?
For opposing reservation in colleges and universities?
That is because I believe in quality and equality.

What? Then the maid should get the same food?
Oh she does- everything left is for her.
Same plate? Same table? On a chair?

With all due respect, are you a fool, sir?
Dare I break traditions, sir!
I'm virtuous and religious, no wrong ever.

So, no to inter-caste marriages too?
That bhangi-chamar my wife? How can I break traditions?
Why curse me with unequals for life, give me equals for celebration.

What about equality then?
What? Human Dignity?
What about 'it's gone now'?

Oh, dear sir, be patient.
Don't be such a hard-core idealist.
You know, some things always exist.


Vivek Singh is currently doing his MA (Political Science) from JNU


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