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I Have a Bulletproof Dream

December 25th, 2016 by admin

Pabitra Bag

Let me tell you…                          pabitra

I have a bulletproof dream

Made of love, transparent and transcendental

Where at times you feel

 The dance of infinity and you became the one with everything

Where you feel neither disturbed by anyone

Nor have any altered state of consciousness

Respecting the social boundaries

of race, caste-class, gender, region, religion and stupidity

Let me tell you…

I have a bulletproof dream of DID syndrome

Where expectations is not troubling enough to be Desires

Where the expectations and desires have no Instability

Where desire is not a wild Dissatisfied and unstable bird

I have a bulletproof dream of honesty

Made of no hate, no pretension, no dependency and no lie

Where the language of love is a smile of no attachments

Such is the bulletproof dream with the dance of infinity

Let me tell you…

I have a bulletproof dream of colours

A dream of rainbow colours but with happiness as colours

With smiles as its figure and gladness as its gender

Where respect is the language and equality is feelings

Where freedom is the absolute state of inner and transcendental being

Where, in law, constitutionalism is the religion and justice is the highest form of love


Pabitra Bag is a Ph.D student at the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, JNU



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