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Friday, November 4th, 2011

The regal realm with the sorrowless name:

they call it Begumpura, a place with no pain,

No taxes or cares, none owns property there,

no wrongdoing, worry, terror, or torture.

Oh my brother, I've come to take it as my own,

my distant home where everything is right.

That imperial kingdom is rich and secure,

where none are third or second – all are one;

They do this or that, they walk where they wish,

they stroll through fabled palaces unchallenged.

Oh, says Ravidas, a tanner now set free,

those who walk beside me are my friends. 


Sant Ravidas's poem from the book Songs of the Saints of India, edited by Hawley and Juergensmeyer, page 32 [AG3]. Gail Omvedt in her book, Seeking Begumpura, writes "It (begumpura poem) was an expression, in the early modern age, of a utopia, perhaps the first one in Indian literature. In some ways it seems to stand alone, yet it was a harbinger -of the kind of social vision that would underlie all the later struggles and theorizing of anticaste inetllectuals.  Begumpura was, for Ravidas, an imagined city, without geographical location, without a history: it was to be a later task to build it in space and time."  

कवि और कविता

Friday, January 28th, 2011

दया प्रसाद गोलिया

ड्राइंग रूम में बैठकर
अट्टालिकाओं पर कविता लिखना
कितना प्रगतिवादी है
तालियों की गडगडाहट
कितनी बड़ी शाबाशी है

मत लिख
सत्ता शिखर स्थायी का यशगान

मत लिख
हवा से हवा में मारक कवितायेँ

मत लिख
प्रेयसी के चाँद की कवितायेँ
अब वह रहस्य नहीं है

मत लिख
लौट आया है मानव चाँद से

लिखना हो तो अब धरती की कविता लिख
क्या भुखमरी शोषण नहीं तेरी पृथ्वी पर
लिखना हो तो समानता की कविता लिख

विश्वगुरु कहलाने वाले
कितनी अज्ञानता है तेरे देश में
लिखना है तो विज्ञानं की बात लिख

क्या खड़ा है निठल्ला सा इस मोड़ पर
मूकदर्शक बना हुआ
इक्कीसवी सदी के कवी
सरेआम नचाई जा रही है
नंगी कर अबलायें इस देश में
लिखना हो तो अत्याचार पर लिख

नेताओं की बात मत लिख
नर मारा या हठी
वाह रे धर्मराज
इक्कीसवी सदी के कवी
कवितायेँ मत लिख

Kabir: Ramaini 62

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

1. If thou thinkest the Maker distinguished castes:

birth is according to these penalties for deeds.

2. Born a Sudra you die a Sudra:

it is only in this world of illusion that you assume the
sacred thread.

3. If birth from a Brahman mother makes you Brahman:

why did you not come by another way ?

4. If birth from a Turk mother makes you Turk:

why were you not circumcised in the womb ?

5. If you milk black and yellow cows together:

will you be able to distinguish their milk ?

6. Sakhi :—O men, give up your pretence of great wisdom.

Says Kabir, Recite the name of the Bow-holder.


From The Bijak of Kabir, translated by the Rev. Ahmad Shah.

Kabir: Ramaini 35

Monday, December 13th, 2010


Worship, libations, six sacred rites,

this dharma's full of ritual blights.

Four ages teaching Gayatri, I ask you, who won liberty?

You wash your body if you touch another,

tell me who could be lower than you?

Proud of your merit, puffed up with your rights,

no good comes out of such great pride.

How could he whose very name

is pride-destroyer endure the same?

Drop the limits of caste and clan,

seek for freedom's space,

destroy the shoot, destroy the seed,

seek the unembodied place. 


Kabir: Ramaini 35, translation by Hess and Singh in The Bijak of Kabir 1986. 

Source:  Caste is the cruellest exclusion by Gail Omvedt.


Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

There is a village

which sits on my shoulders like a vulture …

despite this O my village

I uninvited relate with you

as you fly

within and outside of me

like a vulture


Excerpt from "Bayan-Bahar" the autobiographical poem of Sukhveer Singh, a Hindi Dalit Poet. Dalit Nirvachit Kavitayen (Selected Dalit Poems) from here.

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