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Brotherhood of Man By Kapila

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Do wind and rain avoid

Some men among the rest

Because their caste is low?

When such men tread the earth

Does it quake with rage ?

Or does the brilliant sun

Refuse them its rays? 


Oh Brahmana, has our God

E'er bid the teeming fields

Bring forth fruits and flowers

For men of caste alone?

Or made the forest green

To gratify the eyes of

None but the Pariahs? 


Oh Brahmans, listen to me

In all this blessed land

There is but one great caste,

One tribe and brotherhood

One God doth dwell above,

And he hath made us one

In birth and frame and tongue. 


Kapila was a poet of the Sangam age; one of his compositions, the Kapilar Agaval, has remained popular among the Tamils since ancient times. Sangam poetry is a Dravidian, pre-Christian literary tradition of Southern India that carries no influence of Sanskrit. 

Source: Folk Songs of Southern India, Charles Grover.

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