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New dream

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

For having skinned the five spirits
by driving a nail into the sky
another into the patala
and soaking the hide in the seven seas you
deserve those sun and moon gods
as sandals for your feet!
In hunger
or in humiliation
head bowed
you stitch
your skin into shoes
I dream
that this world
should turn into a strap
and kiss
your big toe.



My translation of Dr.  Yendluri Sudhakar's kotta kala from 'kaitunakala danDem', a collection of Madiga poetry.


Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Dr.Yendluri Sudhakar, poet, professor and researcher (and also a translator:: some of his translations, of Urdu poetry into Telugu, can be read here), travelled to the United States of America in 2002, on the invitation of a Telugu association (ATA). The collection of poems 'ATA janikAnche', a journal of sorts in verse, carries his impressions from the trip. The short but eloquent poems have no titles, only numbers signifying their place in the collection.  Here are my efforts to translate a few of them:





cleaned cotton in

this sky?



this sky-sari?



those cloud-pots there?



this moonlight-scarf so white?


made those two ear-rings,

one for each ear,

for the sky-maiden?





if you think I'm not being sarcastic:

There are among us too

those who nurse prejudices about colour

They gather like ants

around white gur

But as soon as they see blacks

they run away

like bugs in the sun..

What is the difference

between the wadas here

and the ghettoes there..




When I walk in Chicago

Martin Luther King's

word flames' roar

rings constantly in my ears

like a slogan


If he split the Red Sea

Martin Luther King

created a black ocean

out of scaterred waves

He still reverberates

in race supremacists' hearts

as a blacker slogan




In Pittsburgh

Venkanna* appeared

Without a visa



Have their own lobbies

In every home

Spiritual hobbies

However hard I searched

Wherever I looked

I couldn't see my Yellamma+

I didn't meet my Maisamma


* Venkanna: refers to the deity Venkateshwara, or Balaji, of Tirupati.

+Yellamma, Maisamma: popular Dalitbahujan deities, village goddesses.

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