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We refuse

March 8th, 2011 by admin

We refuse
To cool the fire within us
In the sea of pain
And we grow
In our sad eyes
The raging volcanoes.

We refuse
To give palpitating embrace
To hateful inequality
And in the terrified palms
We draw lines of fate afresh.

We refuse
To preserve the worn out walls of
A narrow world
And beyond horizons
We soar
The new sky.



G K Vankar's translation of the Gujarati poem "We refuse' written by the poet B N Vankar


3 Responses to “We refuse”

  1. Havovi says:

    Really liked this. Any chance of getting a look at the Gujarati one?…always feel that where possible if the poem that’s been translated is also shared, perhaps those who can read that language can have access to two poems.

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